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Well we're all addicted to it aren't we? So here are a few places to strike up a friendship. I'm sure there's something here for you. Also there's a few great chat programs available for download. Check em out.
Keep in mind too, that the cartoons at the bottom of this page may hold some truth.

I now have over 300 chat links plus many chat terms & chat lingo.
Remember, if you have a chat link not on this page
let me know and i'll add it to the list. Email me!

Here are the links to some of the better chat sites found on the web, there are hundreds popping up lately, so I will try to keep up. Some of the listed sites are rather slow because of the volume of people, or they are on slow servers. But as a whole most of these are pretty good. Chatting sometimes is like visiting a new world, one that is different than our own, so be careful to identify the site's focus. Nothing worse than going to talk football and finding people talking about being naked; so beware!!

Chat Clients

Harrys Black Hole ICQ - The world's largest internet online communication network. ICQ searches the internet for you, alerting you in real time when friends & colleagues sign on. You can chat, send messages and files, play games or use it as the perfect business tool to find and contact associates in realtime through the internet.
Harrys Black Hole mIRC - mIRC is a highly configurable IRC client with all the goodies other clients on UNIX, Macintosh and even on windows offer. mIRC offers full color text lines, DCC File Send and Get capabilities, programmable aliases, a remote commands and events handler, place sensitive popup menu's, a great Switchbar, World Wide Web and sound support, and... a lot more. mIRC is shareware but not crippled in any way...
Harrys Black Hole LOL Chat - Created by programmers who are addicted to chat, and love adding new features!
Harrys Black Hole Ding - With Ding!, you know at a glance who's online and who's available. You can then communicate with them instantly and directly in a variety of ways: instant messaging, chat, file/URL transfer, and status bulletins. Ding is very much like ICQ but is supposed to have bettr security.
Harrys Black Hole

Relay Chat

(Warning: Some relay chat rooms may contain adult conversation)

Harrys Black Hole The Partyhouse - There's plenty to do when your hanging out at the partyhouse.
Harrys Black Hole Gay Chat - This service is free for now, so have fun!
Harrys Black Hole Alamak - Alamak Internet Chat has more than 60,000 chat users each day from around the world and features private rooms and more commands with an easier faster chatting interface than another other Web Chat available on the Internet.
Harrys Black Hole The Park - Click on live chat and then choose a category.
Harrys Black Hole Le Cafe - The hangout for live chat.
Harrys Black Hole State of Insanity - The State of Insanity is the worlds first, oldest, and most successful user-supported chat site.
Harrys Black Hole Free Town - Has 9 categorised chat rooms.

Harrys Black Hole

Harrys Black Hole


Harrys Black HoleAzteq Direct Chat
Harrys Black HoleAnarchy Chat Explicit Content, Viewer Discretion is Advised.
Harrys Black HoleAzteq WebChat
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleCyberPark
Harrys Black HoleCyberSight Chat
Harrys Black HoleChat Com
Harrys Black HoleCyberPark
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleESPNET Sportstalk
Harrys Black HoleESPNET Sportstalk
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleGay Chat Free gay chat rooms for the gay community. Free pesonals. Free daily videos and pictures.
Harrys Black HoleGalaxy Chat
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleLe Cafe
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleParents Place
Harrys Black HolePeachWeb Plantation
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleRocky Mountain's Hot Spot
Harrys Black HoleState Of Insanity
Harrys Black HoleTalk City another irc site
Harrys Black HoleTeens Wall
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleVoodoochat is a free graphical chat community.
Harrys Black HoleWorlds Chat
Harrys Black HoleWorld-Wide Collectors Digest Chat
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.
Harrys Black HoleYahoochat best chat system and there is such a wide selection of different rooms to chose from.
Ummmm...QUICK find me some.


Chat term: AFIK As Far As I Know

Chat term: AFK Away From Keyboard

Chat term:ASAP As Soon As Possible

Chat term: BBL Be Back Later

Chat term:BBN By Bye Now

Chat term: BEGBig Evil Grin

Chat term:BF Boy Friend

Chat term: BRB Be Right Back

Chat term:BTW By the Way

Chat term:BWL Bursting With Laughter

Chat term: C&G Chuckle and Grin

Chat term:CID Crying In Disgrace

Chat term:CNP Continued on Next Page

Chat term: CP Chat Post

Chat term: CSG Chuckle, Snicker, Grin

Chat term: CYA See Ya

Chat term: CYAL8R See Ya Later

Chat term: DLTBBB Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Chat term: EMSG E-mail MeSaGe

Chat term:FYI For Your Information

Chat term: GF Girl Friend

Chat term: GFN Gone For Now

Chat term: GHM God Help Me

Chat term: GHY God Help You

Chat term: GSM God Save Me

Chat term: GMBO Giggling My Butt Off

Chat term: GMTA Great Minds Think Alike

Chat term: GTSY Glad To See You

Chat term: H&K's Hugs and Kisses

Chat term: HABU Have A Better 'Un

Chat term: HAGN Have A Good Night

Chat term: HAGU Have A Good 'Un

Chat term: HHIS Hanging Head In Shame

Chat term: IC I See

Chat term: IGP I Gotta Pee

Chat term: IMO In My Opinion

Chat term: IMHO In My Humble Opinion

Chat term: IRL In Real Life

Chat term: IWALY I Will Always Love You

Chat term: JMO Just My Opinion

Chat term: JTLYK Just To Let You Know

Chat term:KIT Keep In Touch

Chat term: KOTC Kiss On The Cheek

Chat term: KOTL Kiss On The Lips

Chat term: L8R Later

Chat term: L8R G8R Later 'Gator

Chat term:LHM Lord Help Me

Chat term: LHY Lord Help You

Chat term: LHU Lord Help Us

Chat term: LMAO Laughing My Ass Off

Chat term: MHO Laughing My Head Off

Chat term: LOL Lots of Laughing/Lots of Love

Chat term: LSHMBIB Laughing So Hard My Belly Is Bouncing

Chat term:LTNS Long Time No See

Chat term: LTM Laughing To Myself

Chat term: LYWAMH Love You With All My Heart

Chat term: LY Love You/Love Ya

Chat term: OIC Oh, I See

Chat term: OL Old lady

Chat term: OM Old Man

Chat term:OTTOMH Off The Top Of My Head

Chat term:PDS Please Don't Shoot

Chat term: PM Private Message

Chat term: PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In

Chat term: PMP Peed My Pants

Chat term:POAHF Put On A Happy Face

Chat term:poof left the chatroom in a puff of smoke

Chat term:PTB Powers That Be

Chat term:QSL Reply (adopted from HAM Radio jargon)

Chat term:QSO Conversation (also adopted from HAM Radio jargon)

Chat term:QT Cutie/Q-Tip

Chat term:ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Chat term:ROTFLMAO ...My Ass Off

Chat term:ROTFLMAOAY ...At You

Chat term:ROTFLMAOAUTS ...And Unable To Speak

Chat term:ROTFLMAOWTIME ...With Tears In My Eyes

Chat term:ROTFLMBHO ...Laughing My Bloody Head Off

Chat term:RTSM Read The Stoopid Manual!

Chat term:SFETE Smiling From Ear To Ear

Chat term:SHID Slaps Head In Disgust

Chat term:SO Significant Other

Chat term:SWAK Sealed With A Kiss

Chat term:SWALK Sealed With A Loving Kiss

Chat term:SWL Screaming With Laughter

Chat term:SYS See You Soon

Chat term:TA Thanks,Thanks Again

Chat term:TOY Thinking Of You

Chat term:TOYWL ...With Love

Chat term:TOYWLOL ...Lots of Love

Chat term:TTFN Ta Ta For Now

Chat term:TTYL Talk To You Later

Chat term:VBG Very Big Grin

Chat term:WB Welcome Back

Chat term:WTH Who,What the Heck,Hell?

Chat term:YBS You'll be Sorry

Chat term:G Grin

Chat term:BG Big Grin

Chat term::-| Ambivalent,Unmoved,Indifferent

Chat term:O:-) Angel with Halo

Chat term:>:-( Angry,Unimpressed

Chat term:|-I Asleep

Chat term:(::()::) Bandaid

Chat term::-{} Blowing a Kiss

Chat term:|-O Bored,Yawning

Chat term::-C Bummed Out

Chat term::-( ) Can't Stop Talking,Big Mouth

Chat term::'-( Crying (Sad Tears)

Chat term::'-)Crying (Happy Tears)

Chat term::-9 Delicious/Yummy

Chat term:<:*) Clowning Around

Chat term::-) Happy Face

Chat term::-( Unhappy Face

Chat term:;-) Cheeky/Flirtatious/Joking Grin

Chat term::-> Devilish Grin

Chat term:;-> Irony/Light Sarcasm

Chat term:>:-> Really Devilish Grin/Remark

Chat term:>;->Lewd/Suggestive

Chat term:>:-@ Angry and Screaming

Chat term::-@ Screaming

Chat term::-P Poking Out Your Tongue

Chat term::*) Happy Drunk

Chat term::*( Sad Drunk

Chat term:%-6 Exhausted/Braindead

Chat term:<:-( Concerned

Chat term:%-)Too Many Hours In Front Of The Computer Screen

Chat term::-D Very Big Enthusiastic Smile

Chat term::-B Bucky Beaver Teeth/What's up Doc?

Chat term::-\ Undecided

Chat term::-O Shocked/Uh Oh!/

Chat term:<:-O Surprised

Chat term:<:-| Dunce

Chat term::-X My Lips are Sealed

Chat term::-& Tongue-tied

Chat term::~/Mixed-up/Confused

Chat term:{{{{{{ }}}}}} Hugs

Chat term:****** Kisses

Chat term:\~/ Full Glass

Chat term:\_/ Empty Glass

Chat term:&&&& Pretzels

Chat term:(_!_) Moonie

Chat term:@)}->-->-- Rose

Chat term:^5 High Five

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